UK Immigration

A Great Place To Invest, Live And Work

UK Immigration

The United Kingdom is a great place to invest, live, work and educate your children.

The UK has long retained its status as one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world, owing to strengths such as its widely-spoken language, affluent business climate, strong currency and excellent standard of education.

When you purchase a residential property in the UK this does not give you or guarantee you residency in the UK!

You may choose to apply as an entrepreneur and inject capital of at least £200,000 into a new or existing UK business and run the business. Or, apply as an investor to make a minimum investment of £2 million in the specified ways. A foreign investor can take advantage of a direct path to UK permanent residency, if all requirements are met, a UK Tier 1 visa holder may qualify for UK citizenship.

All visa applications are labour intensive because a lot of information is requested from you and can be quite complicated. Most people applying for a UK visa employ the services of a migration agent.

We will provide you with a single point of contact through our UK immigration partners for the entire UK Immigration process.

To discuss your individual circumstances and decide which visa category best matches your situation please contact us.