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Sales Process

No Matter Where You Are In The World,
We Are Happy To Assist

Our Sales Process

No matter where you are in the world we are happy to assist as we have sold property to clients in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and USA.

1. Choose a property and reserve


2. Submit completed and signed reservation agreement & pay reservation fee


3. Instruct Solicitors


6. Completion


5. Stage Payment


4. Exchange of Contracts

Reservation Process

The first discussion will be to determine what you are looking for, whether it be for investment or your own home. We will discuss your budget (cash or finance), the types of property you are looking for, along with the locations you are interested in and how soon you are looking to purchase.

Once we have an idea of what your criteria is, we will set about researching the best property that matches your requirements. The properties will be sent to you via email and if you have any questions your dedicated property consultant will be happy to answer these accordingly. If you wish to visit the locations we are more than happy to meet you at a time convenient to you.

Once you have chosen your property you will need to complete a reservation agreement and send us your reservation fee (holding fee and the property is taken off the market) and your dedicated property consultant and after sales team will be with you every step of the way.


Please make sure you fill in all the required fields in the reservation agreement. Failure to complete this will result in a delay processing this sale in our office.

The sales progression team will be able to process the details and liaise with you if there are any problems or outstanding information required.

The sale will remain with the sales progression team until we receive the signed reservation agreement & reservation fee.

Reservation Fee

The reservation fee or proof of payment, must be sent within 2 business days after holding the unit.

If we do not receive this within the given time-frame we will release the unit, unless agreed otherwise with us.

Project Bank Details are on the Reservation Agreement

When you transfer the reservation fee please include the project name, unit number and surname of the buyer, for example “MET107 SMITH”.

This makes allocating the fee to the buyer by our accounts team much easier when we receive it and speeds up passing the sale onto the next process; instructing solicitors.

What Happens When You Pay Your Reservation Fee?

Step 1

The sales progression team will record the buyer’s reservation fee has been received and create a Memorandum of Sale and then instruct our solicitor to liaise with your nominated solicitor. A confirmation of sale / thank you letter will be sent to the buyer.

Step 2

The buyer will receive confirmation of their instruction from their nominated solicitor who will request the following:

– Copy of passport / photographic Drivers Licence / Photographic ID Card (which must be notorised in accordance with the instructions confirmed by nominated solicitor)

– An original utility bill which is no older than three months, showing current residential address (a PO Box address cannot be accepted)

– An original bank statement showing the account that funds will be transferred from.Source of funds, 3 months bank statements and proof of where the funds are derived from such as salary / pay slip if they are from earnings

– Source of funds, 3 months bank statements and proof of where the funds are derived from such as salary / pay slip if they are from earnings

Step 3

In the meantime Acentus Real Estate solicitor will prepare the sales contract and send it to the buyer’s solicitors.

Step 4

Once the buyer’s solicitor has received all the identification documents mentioned in point 2, the relevant checks have been completed and satisfied, your solicitor will send contract documentation out by email. You will need to print, sign and return accordingly if you are happy with the documents. If you have any queries relating to this documentation, your solicitor will be able to obtain answers to these enquiries swiftly.

Step 5

It is important to note that all parties are working to a 28-day exchange/completion timeline and you should keep this in mind when sending documentation back to their solicitors.

Step 6

When your solicitor has received the certified bank statement, they will carry out one final check, if this check is satisfactory, a Financial Statement will then be sent out to you. The Financial Statement is a request for exchange funds to be sent to a designated account at the solicitors. It will state the total amount due and the account details for where the monies need to be sent. You are encouraged to send funds as soon as they have been requested.

Step 7

Upon receipt of the exchange monies, your solicitor will carry out final Anti Money Laundering checks to ensure that the funds have come from the same account as the certified bank statement stated in point 2. It should be noted that if the monies arrive from another account, the funds will be returned and exchange will be delayed.

Step 8

As soon as funds have been checked by your solicitor, they will request authority to exchange. The solicitor will contact you either by email or telephone and you must give your solicitor permission to exchange the contracts.

Step 9

When authority has been granted, your solicitor will contact the Acentus Real Estate solicitor and exchange funds and contracts, bringing you a step closer to completion your property.


The buyer must reply or send paperwork / monies to their solicitor as quickly as possible. Remember, exchange/completion must take place within 28 days of the date the solicitors are instructed.

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