The Most Overlooked Sector In Property Investment

Feb 6, 2019 | News, Real Estate

What everyone has missed about property investment

If you’ve not heard about property bonds, you’re missing a major investment opportunity to take advantage of the traditionally strong property market. W
hile property ownership and portfolios are no longer the investment opportunity they once were, there are still ways to bet on the traditionally high-performing property market. One of those ways is property bonds.

Like other bond investments, property bonds offer qualifying investors the opportunity to invest in and receive a fixed return for their investment on a regular basis. Unlike other property investments, they don’t have to do anything involving the property, tenants or management and may simply invest and collect their dividends. For property developers, it is a way of bypassing nervy banks and other lending providers; for the right investors, it offers significant returns. However, for all the discussion of property bonds, there is one key aspect many potential investors overlook – liquidity.

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Traditionally, the property market has been seen as a strong investment because of historically high returns and low risk. The major objection some investors had to property as an investment was – and still is – liquidity. In other words, getting your money out when you need to. If you were happy to deal with short-term fluctuations in value by taking the long-term view, you were fine. If you needed to exit your investment when you wanted, this was a problem. You could never sell when the property market was down.

Property bonds are another way to invest in property and have been growing in popularity – but with one major objection from critics. If, like the wider market, property bonds are not liquid, say critics, why bother?

With a new type of property bond, there is now a chance to invest in the property market, achieve a higher rate of return (up to 8%) at a low risk and – importantly – it is a fully liquid investment.

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Here’s how it works. The bond has a total investment lifecycle of five years. There is an opportunity after year 3 to exit the investment if the individual investor chooses to or the investor can sell the bond at any time on the EU stock exchange on the market. Unlike many investment bonds, this specific property bond is approved by HMRC and backed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) providing an extra layer of security as the bond is asset-backed.

This unique combination of high rate of return, high level of security against the investment and the opportunity to move away from your investment when desired makes this type of property bond worth exploring if you’re a qualifying investor looking to take advantage of property’s strength.

If you’re an investor or looking to achieve a return of up to 60% in less than five years from an asset-backed property bond, click here to discover whether you meet the qualifying criteria Click Here.

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