Immediate High ROI Opportunities For HNW Investors

Jan 7, 2019 | News, Real Estate

If you are a High Net Worth (HNW) Investor, you need to read this…

There are many reasons why investors are searching for better investment opportunities right now. But for individuals with a net worth more than £250,000, there is even more reason to check your money is performing as it should.

According to Money Facts, the average savings account interest rate clocks in at a paltry 0.63% – despite rising interest rates. This looks even more worrying with inflation running over 2.5% at the same time. Your savings may not only be failing to perform, but they are also being eroded rapidly if your money continues to sit here.

ISAs are no longer performing for investors with the average rate just 1%, and Innovative Finance ISAs – while proving interesting to growing numbers of savers – have yet to prove they can deliver consistently high returns.

Stocks and shares invested in the FTSE100 have again been a good investment in good times but the performance of your portfolio may come down to various factors, including who and how your funds are being invested. If you’re not experiencing the returns you hoped, how long do you leave it before you turn elsewhere?

We are delighted to be working with PSD and Mr Livingston (Development Operations Manager: PSD) who is our direct point of contact to key off-plan investments and property bonds within key high yield Liverpool locations.

Another way investments could be failing to produce the return expected is the fluctuation and variation in the performance of economies overseas. While it’s possible to take advantage of emerging economies and bank on growth outside the UK, it may bring a risk that these countries or regions don’t experience the growth expected. Faced with poor overseas investment returns, it’s understandable why now may be the time to look at other opportunities offering a more reliable and less risky return.

Here’s the problem if this isn’t dealt with now: it affects how soon you’re able to achieve full financial freedom and focus on experiencing the benefits of your money working for you.

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The biggest problem is loss of opportunity

When you choose one of the many options available to you to invest your money, it removes the opportunity of making a return from other options. Yet, if your choice of option fails to make the returns promised or under-performs, there is little to be done except either take the loss and invest in another opportunity or – even riskier – stay with the investment and hope for long-term improvement in performance.

The way to solve this problem is to seek out investments which offer relatively low risks with an opportunity for substantial returns and, importantly, liquidity so you can move your money if needed.

For many years with the property market buoyant, property was the ultimate low risk, high return investment – although it suffered from illiquidity. When the property market fell, there was nothing you could do. Even with slowed property prices across the UK, the market is still growing outside the South East and is a strong investment with factors including demand continuing to outstrip supply and infrastructure improvements across the UK bringing higher values in the future.

For high net worth individuals with a net worth over £250,000, there is now an opportunity unavailable to the rest of the market that allows you to buy into the strength of the property market while producing a strong return for little risk. This opportunity is in property bonds.

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Property bonds offer the opportunity to invest in the success of a property development at an early stage, providing an investment vehicle which will fund the building of the development, rather than turning to banks and other lending sources to secure finance. Unlike other property investments it is completely hands-off and is designed to pay out an increased dividend on a regular basis.

There is variation in the types and nature of bonds available, with some offering higher rates of return but without security or FCA approval. A good property bond opportunity offers high rates of annual returns year-on-year, is de-risked through asset-backing and is approved by the FCA and HMRC.

Investment in a reputable asset-backed property bond can offer substantial rewards against competing investments while removing all the risk. Discover how you can achieve up to 60% return in less than five years Click Here.

Do you want to find out more investment news, opportunities and tactics that can help increase investment growth. Looking to start a portfolio or a serial investor? Contact Acentus Real Estate today for UK property development insight that can help you maximise your ROI: : Enquire about places

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