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Why Choose Liverpool For Your Next Investment Property Location?

Posted on 8th January 2018
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Acentus Real Estate were invited along to join Paul Mahoney on Property Wealth TV. We discussed the history of Liverpool city centre and how it has become an international destination for investment, business, tourism and education. 

Property TV is the UK’s only television channel dedicated to entertainment, education and up-to date information about the property market, investment and home improvements in both the UK & overseas.

The blend of entertainment and informative content ensures a wide range of viewers from the general public to property industry professionals. You can view more of their episodes on their Vimeo channel –

Liverpool will continue to offer low price points in 2018 with strong growth potential. Some 10 years on from being announced as the European Capital of Culture, the city has gone from strength to strength.

Liverpool has a thriving, service-based economy, which was worth £29.5bn in 2015 and the city is leading the UK’s Northern Powerhouse region in terms of its overall GVA growth and its growth of GVA per capita.

Economic output will continue to improve with the likes of Cunard Shipping bringing a large share of their operation back to where it all began in 2018. A growing population and plenty of blossoming talent, backed by strong economic credentials and a buoyant housing market make for an ideal environment for opportunity, boosting Liverpool up the list of cities to watch most closely in the UK over the coming year.


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